It all started when…

I saw the benefits of baby massage for myself. My son, Jesse, was born 11 weeks early and so he spent many painful and long weeks in hospital. We were introduced to Kangaroo Care and the power of gentle touch by the wonderful neonatal nurses who looked after him. Not only did it encourage bonding at a time when we weren’t together every moment of the day but, as proven in many scientific studies, it helped Jesse gain weight and, we believe, helped him leave hospital sooner than if we hadn’t given him specialised massage and skin-to-skin for many hours each day.

Jesse’s introduction into the world meant I knew my path was changed forever. I was eager to tell as many people as possible how nurturing touch could impact in the most positive way. I took all my real life learning and trained as a baby massage and yoga instructor - ready to share the multiple benefits of the most magical and holistic approach to caring for your baby.

Baby massage and yoga can help with bonding, confidence building, improved sleep, better circulation, relief of colic, wind, reflux, silent reflux, constipation and teething pain. It offers a chance for you to switch off from the world and focus on each other.